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  • How is this different to the last Healing Retreat?
    This retreat will delve deep into Schema therapy. We will learn about your schemas, and have an opportunity to map them out and float back to find and reprocess their origin. We will also be introducing Schema Modes, which is your response when a schema is triggered and navigate ways to manage this. We will also spend more time on future focus and supporting you with tools to move forward with your new learnings.
  • Can we have 1 on 1s with the psychologists?
    There will be time for you to speak to the psychologists 1 on 1 during the retreat, however if you would like private psychology sessions, you will need to book them in either before or after the retreat.
  • What type of Trauma do you need to have experienced?
    You do not have to have a big trauma event that you need to recover from (although if you do, thats ok). Some guests will be coming along to learn new skills to better cope with challenges they experience in their day to day lives, or to enhance skills they already have.
  • Is this Retreat covered by Medicare?
    Whilst the content is, the retreat will exceed the numbers required to meet medicare group rules so will not be claimable under medicare or mental health care plans.
  • Is the Retreat claimable under my Health Fund?
    If you have psychological services in your health fund, then it is likely to be covered. Please speak to your provider and we will provide an invoice that meets their requirements.
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